Secure, smart contract-compatible digital asset exchange.

There are over 100 cryptocurrency exchanges in operation at present in the world. What they are aiming for is to be a secure space to trade cryptocurrencies. However, most of them do not provide tools for individuals who see blockchain for what it is: a technology that is already revolutionizing the whole concept of the world’s financial industry. NYCEX is the first cryptocurrency exchange that breaks through this wall. We know that blockchain has financial capabilities that go beyond the bitcoin.
To aim for the future, we need to start by getting the basics 100% right. The exchange we are building needs to be impeccable with regard to regulatory compliance, security, and usability - and it already is. Then, we add features that will transform it from a simple cryptocurrency exchange to a real digital trading hub. We are focusing on tools used in traditional capital markets, and we adapt them to blockchain technology. For example, the stock market becoming the ICO token market. A blockchain-based property market? What about the commodities market? We will give you the tools to harness the full potential of the future financial markets.

nycex overview

  • Most reputable brand name in the exchange space offering best-in-class cryptocurrency trading complimented by unique token solutions
  • Patented dividends distribution technology allowing for distribution of dividends to token holders while token is traded on the exchange
Token Specialization
First ever exchange with full support of smart contracts features
Wide portfolio of token products
Security measures designed specifically for token operations
  • Patented dividends distribution technology
  • Voting
  • Various other corporate actions
  • Support for all traded tokens
  • Proprietary tokens index
  • Various token derivatives
  • Multisignature approval
  • Independent token audit
Liquidity and trading support
Regulatory and compliance
  • Liquidity and trading features specifically for tokens
  • Token data and analytics
  • Full compliance with applicable rules and regulations

traditional Features
  • Reputable brand
  • Global platform
  • Good usability
  • Wide functionality
  • Multi-products
  • Liquidity and trading
  • Security
  • Regulatory and compliance
  • Fiat money functions