The Argon Group provides a wide array of world-class strategic investment banking and financial advisory services to our clients in this new emerging and exciting space.


The Argon Group provides a wide array of world-class strategic investment banking and financial advisory services to our clients in this new emerging and exciting space. Digital finance exists in a complex grey nexus of US and international securities laws, KYC and AML requirements, and represents a unique new piece of the capital structure stack that requires unique and considerable expertise.
The Group was formed with a firm belief in the growing importance of the token-based financial market and digital assets becoming a multi-billion dollar asset class in the medium term.
Issuers should not be forced to become experts in law and finance, but should focus on their core business and growth – and we will take care of the fundraising. We offer the following core services to our clients:
  • Initial Coin / Token Offering advisory
  • Smart contract development, testing and implementation
  • Placement platform, funds collection, asset distribution, and escrow services
  • Ability to act as issuer on your behalf and balance sheet your digital assets
  • Disclosure drafting (whitepaper / prospectus), development, and distribution
  • Development of marketing materials, road show, financial models and the equity story
  • Investor outreach, public relations, and placement
  • Risk Management, KYC, AML and Compliance Guidance
  • Private capital raising from accredited investors - standalone or ICO concurrent
  • Trading analysis aftermarket support
  • Liquidity solutions and risk management
  • Capital Structure Advisory
  • Tokenization of Digital Assets
  • Equity Crowdfunding advisory and optionality
  • Use token liquidity, remarketing, and secondary offerings
  • Strategic advisory for emerging Fintech and Blockchain players


At Argon, our clients always come first. By putting our clients first, we ensure that we meet and exceed their expectations and deliver world-class strategic advice and flawless execution. Additionally, Argon Group brings a unique set of technical, legal, and financial qualifications that make us a leader in the digital finance and ICO services. Some of our qualifications are summarized below:
    In the environment of increased regulatory interest to capital raisings via digital tokens across jurisdictions, Argon Group has developed the first globally compliant offering structure. This gives issuers peace of mind to continue with their projects, rather than worry about potentially incurring significant legal expenses trying to defend their capital raising model.
    Our team brings the breadth of knowledge of capital markets’ dynamics and trends, having raised billions of dollars in equity and debt capital markets at Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, Nomura in New York, London, Moscow, and Los Angeles.
  • Top smart contracts expertise
    Our smart contracts effort is led by top cryptographer, Dmitry Khovratovich of University of Luxembourg. Dmitry is best known for developing Equihash, a proof-of-work mechanism used by Zcash.
  • Client focus and integrity
    Our clients’ interests always come first. Our focus on providing our clients with the best service possible is key to our success. We are dedicated to building lasting, long-term relationships with our clients.
  • Full scale offer
    Argon Group has developed an end-to-end offer, taking care of the full process of raising capital in digital capital markets as well as aftermarket trading and support. This allows you to focus on exploring your firm’s full potential, while we bring our comprehensive and unique approach to your firm to maximize value to your stakeholders.